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Project Reputation Rescue is one of a three-segment media campaign designed to improve the perception of Bully Breeds in America.

Project Reputation Rescue entails the documentation of service dog training and placement into the homes of people with special needs and/or the desire to work vocationally with a therapy dog. These talented dogs will be filmed and documented as they go through life and reach certain milestones. These service and therapy dogs will be ambassadors for Bully Breeds by helping human kind through variety of vocational services such as assistance, rescue, MedicAlert, seizure response, therapy etc., by participating in sport when appropriate, and by being loving family pets. This documentary will exhibit the spectrum of aptitudes of properly raised Bully Breeds and their unwavering love for humanity.

We are always recruiting owner/trainer/handlers! If you would like to provide a loving home for one of these rescued dogs please fill out the application form below and send it to adoptions@k10help.com.